Curatorial Project : Rolo-Dex Exhibition Tokyo 2018


Australian artists from Sydney in Tokyo, a group show

29 June – 5 July 2018

Design Festa Gallery

West Building 1F
150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingu-Mae 3-20-18

The form of this exhibition takes its cue from the idea of a rolodex. A rolodex is a combination of the word rolling and index, it is a type of desktop contact organiser containing phone numbers, names and business cards. The exhibition stores indexes of an artist’s practice; a compact selection of their work. As a whole, the exhibit acts as an organised catalogue of some artists and illustrators from in and around Sydney.

This thematic device does not limit the type of work that has been included, but has facilitated a display that acts as a catalogue or an index of artworks and importantly, artists. This index exhibition will hopefully indicate the activities taking place in our studios and workspaces in Sydney, Australia.


Jacqueline Mcleish


Adam North

Alana Capetta

Anni Jane

Billy Clare

Blake Malone

Caterina Pacialeo

Cameron Stead

Eloise Cato

Jacqueline Mcleish

Jeremy Smith

Kate Brown

Keziah Duguid

Laura Bergman

Louella Pleffer

Maddy Rowley

Meg Driver

Rachel Helmore

Sarah Clark

Sophie Willison

Suzy Faiz

Valentina Penkova


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